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To celebrate her 60th birthday, Claudia performed an evening of solos choreographed by Paul-André Fortier, Christopher House, Susanna Hood and Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Portillo (GADFLY). The performance title, Escape Artist, refers to Moore's great pleasure at "escaping" into the worlds of the dances she performs. Sparked by the connection between Moore and each of her esteemed choreographers in the studio, the solos have no pre-determined theme or restrictions, but are a result of Claudia's distinctive relationships with each of these celebrated creators.

Moore discovered a surprising journey through these solos, as well as strong ties to the four female archetypes: the lover, the queen, the wise woman and the faerie. With the passion and commitment of a lifelong dancer, Moore revels in the challenges these solos present to her at this stage of her career. In Escape Artist, she courageously exposes both the dark and the light in a profound meditation on life and mortality.


The complete work premiered Oct 25- Nov 2, 2013 at Dancemakers Centre for Creation to audience and critical acclaim and is now available for touring.


Paula Citron - Dance Review: Claudia Moore, MOonhORsE dance Theatre, Escape Artist

The Toronto Star - Toronto dance artist Claudia Moore celebrates 60th with solo show

NOW Toronto - Escape Artist - Review by Glenn Sumi


Dances in a Small Room consists of two duets – lone some, by Tedd Robinson, and Half an Hour of Our Time, by James Kudelka. These works were created specifically for dancers Claudia Moore and Dan Wild, and portray a couple at two different moments in time. The physical twists and turns in the duets reveal a startling and unsentimental journey through a relationship.
The program begins with Robinson’s lone some. His distinctive choreography for Moore is witty, whimsical and womanly, illuminating human complexity with an uplifting result. Half an Hour of Our Time, by James Kudelka, completes the evening. This 30-minute duet, performed in silence, delves into the passion and despair inherent in the male-female relationship, exposing how rapidly the dynamics between a man and a woman can be altered or reversed.


Dates: Dances in a Small Room was presented by the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in November 2009 and has toured to Guelph, Kitchener, Ottawa, Halifax and St. John’s.


Moonhorse Dance Theatre: Unravelling emotion with poetry in motion
"Kudelka's enigmatic 30-minute duet is dense with incident, as if everything that has bound this couple and is now unravelling is played out before us."
"Here Moore, 56, shows that in dance youth has no monopoly on physical expressiveness. Tall, lithe and with limbs that can etch poetry in thin air, Moore offers an object lesson in concentrated artistry."
by Michael Crabb, The Toronto Star, December 1st 2009
Big emotions in a small room
"Dance is always strong when senior artists come together."
"Tedd Robinson’s compelling short work Lone Some...the choreographed shudders, contractions and Robinson’s trademark gestural language, portrays a woman who is defeated but unbowed."
by Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, November 26th 2009
Two mature, hard-edged looks at relationships
"It’s a powerful, poignant piece danced with bravery."
by Gordon Bowness, Xtra, December 1st 2009


Barlight is a 25-minute duet for two extraordinary Toronto-based dance artists: Claudia Moore and Kristi Kennedy.  The work is a commission, choreographed by Dora award-winner Susie Burpee, whose performance works populate the stage with ‘fully human characters, struggling for connection’ (The Toronto Star). Barlight follows two curious female characters as they navigate their way through mood-altering scenes, echoing the film noir era, when drama reigned supreme.

Barlight began its development in spring of 2010, culminating in a week’s workshop/showing through the Lab program at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, where Moore was Dance Artist in Residence (2008- 2010). 


Dates: The completed work premiered at the Collisions Dance Festival in December 2010 at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto.


EUNOIA is an adaptation of Griffin Poetry Prize-winner Christian Bök’s celebrated poem of the same name. In Bök’s Eunoia, each chapter is constrained to the use of a single vowel. With exacting precision, Fujiwara adapts these formal rules into her own dance and allows them to transform her choreography. The result is a witty and absorbing monument to human expression. Performed by Sylvie Bouchard, Claudia Moore, Lucy Rupert, Miko Sobreira, Rebecca Hope Terry and Gerry Trentham. Collaborators include composer Phil Strong and media designer Justin Stephenson.
Visit Fujiwara Dance Inventions for more info about EUNOIA



Produced by Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie, From the House of Mirth was conceived and choreographed by James Kudelka. This sublime creation based on the Edith Wharton novel, House of Mirth, features 4 male singers and 4 female dancers (Victoria Bertram, Laurence Lemieux, Claudia Moore and Christiane Ullmark), as well as 5 musicians. The salon-style work premiered to rave reviews in Toronto at the Citadel in May 2012 and enjoyed a return engagement at the same venue in February 2013. From the House of Mirth received 3 Dora Mavor Moore nominations and won the 2013 Dora Award for Outstanding Sound Design/Composition by Rodney Sharman.

“As for the singers and dancers, led by Laurence Lemieux as Lily, they blend their talents seamlessly in a wonderful ensemble performance.” – Michael Crabb, Toronto Star, May 10, 2012

 Visit Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie for more info

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