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Older & Reckless 

“... a not-so-hidden gem in the Toronto dance scene" Michael Crabb, Toronto Star

Conceived by Claudia Moore, founder and artistic director of MOonhORsE Dance Theatre, Older & Reckless is an acclaimed dance series gaining notoriety for its celebration of mature dance artists and their tenacious life-long pursuit of physical expression. Appealing not only to a senior audience, but to all generations, Older & Reckless shines a light on those Canadian dance artists who have dared to approach mastery in their art form.

This special presentation of Older & Reckless celebrates MOonhORsE Dance Theatre's 20th anniversary with some of Canada's most distinguished veteran dance artists and choreographers in an evening of short works, including:

Beloved dance legend Margie Gillis (Montreal), dance theatre maverick Robert Desrosiers, acclaimed dancer/co-founder of COBA (Collective Of Black Artists) BaKari I. Lindsay and choreographer/director Charles Koroneho (New Zealand). To mark her company's 20th, Claudia Moore will perform a solo by Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho (Gadfly).

Older & Reckless will also feature Joe- an exciting community project!

An excerpt of Joe, the late Jean Pierre Perreault's iconic contemporary dance work, will be taught to a cast of 20, offering participants a unique and inspiring dance experience. The majority of the performers will be amateurs, along with several former Joe performers reviving their roles. With Joe, Perreault evokes both the anonymity of the group and the unique qualities of each individual through familiar aspects of his choreographic signature—the percussive quality of the dancers’ movements and the pull of gravity on the body, symbolic of the human condition.

“The Gillis of today, mature and seasoned, is more than a dancer. She has become, as Duncan did before, a living embodiment of spiritual values.” Michael Crabb, Toronto Star

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