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The administrative structure of Moonhorse Dance Theatre consists of four part time, paid positions and a volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Group:


Artistic Director (AD) - Independent contract, part time (approximately 15-20 hours/week)

General Manager (GM) — Independent contract, part time  (approximately 10-15 hours/week)

Manager of Marketing and Social Media — Independent contract (social media and other)

Bookkeeper — Independent contract

Board of Directors — Volunteer (governance, some work-tasks as assigned)

AD Advisory Group — Informal group of personal artistic advisors to the Artistic Director


The AD and GM work in partnership to lead MDT and both report directly to the Board. Final artistic and programmatic decisions rest with the Artistic Director. Both parties plan within annual budgetary expectations, focus on serving the continuing creative output of senior dance artists from all cultures, and work to sustain partnerships in the dance and seniors community.


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