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OLDER & RECKLESS 2021 final (4).png

NOVEMBER 5 - 14, 2021

an online event featuring works by:
Peter Chin, Christine Friday, and Kim Farris-Manning
plus a new work by filmmaker William Yong for 9 senior dance lights

OLDER & RECKLESS 2021 final (1).png

Premiere performance: Friday, November 5, 2021 at 7pm EDT
(with online access available until November 14)

Featuring dance films by:

Peter Chin (Toronto/Cambodia)

Christine Friday (Anishinabbe kwe from Friday’s Point ON)

Julia Aplin with filmmaker Kim Farris-Manning featuring Terrill Maguire and Troy Emery Twigg,
and 8 seniors movers, with original music by John Gzowski

And a special project by film director/multi-faceted artist William Yong and creative assistance by Marie-Josée Chartier featuring senior dance luminaries Robert Desrosiers, Deepti Gupta, Charmaine Headley, Learie Mc Nicolls, Claudia Moore, Yvonne Ng, Carlos Rivera, Julia Sasso and Gerry Trentham

“There’s no denying it - the tough times continue. Though life presents challenge, after challenge, I see remarkable growth and compassion all around. Resilience is a word heard daily and our ability to adapt is stretched in all directions. I am awed by the senior artists who find ways to make a difference, who innovate before our eyes, who reach out through dance to lift our hearts. Dancing keeps our spirits up, bolsters our courage and moves us on a path toward the light.


I am so excited to share our 2nd online Older & Reckless- now more than ever. Now more than ever we need to play, to learn, to listen, to share, to love and to dance!"


– MOonhORsE AD Claudia Moore

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