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An invitation for amateurs to perform at the next Older & Reckless!

Registration is now open for JOE - an exciting community project to be performed at Older & Reckless, presented in association with Harbourfront Centre.

An excerpt of the late Jean Pierre Perreault’s iconic contemporary dance work, will be taught to a cast of 20 amateurs along with several former JOE performers reviving their roles. Join us on stage for an inspiring experience!

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JOE Project Dates: Workshops: Monday, November 7 & Tuesday, November 8, from 12- 4pm 3 Performances: Friday, November 11 at 8pm, Saturday, November 12 at 2pm & 8pm Plus a run through with lights, Friday, November 11 at 4- 5pm prior to opening night Venue: workshops and performances take place ON STAGE at Harbourfront Centre Theatre Cost: EARLY BIRD $100 if you register before September 15 or $120 after that date Participants must be available for all workshops and performances, as listed above. To register, please email Please spread the word and we hope you can join us!


About JOE

It was in creating pieces for groups of students that Perreault discovered the formal and expressive possibilities of group choreography. In 1983, he made JOE for students in the dance department at Université du Québec à Montréal. It was performed by 24 non-professional dancers wearing black boots, dark raincoats and felt hats. Starting in 1984, professional productions with as many as 32 dancers revived the piece and toured the world. The last performance was in 2005. Perreault was responsible for almost all aspects of JOE: choreography, set design, costumes and the percussive music produced by the dancers’ steps on a stage wired for sound. With this work, he realized not only the evocative power of the group but also the dramatic impact of music. “It was with JOE that I really started working out a musical score in conjunction with the choreographic steps and began amplifying the sound made by the movements,” Perreault later recalled. “So it is the choreography, the motions themselves, that produce some of the music.” In JOE, Perreault also continues exploring an expressive dimension that is a recurring theme in his work: the body’s gravity as an emblem of the human condition. This masterfully structured piece speaks to our individual condition within the mass. However, the anonymity which is an overarching motif in Joe does not arise from the dancer’s self-abnegation but rather from the synchronization of a collective quest.” -


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