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Solstice Greetings From MOonhORsE!

Larry Hahn, Robert Regala, Claudia Moore and Karen Kaeja

Solstice Greetings from MOonhORsE!Cloud 9 project was in rehearsal last week with DA Hoskins. We took a break to wish you Happy Holidays!

2016 has been a truly wonderful year for MOonhORsE and I’m so grateful to everyone for their participation in the inspiring events. THANKS to your enthusiastic support, MOonhORsE gallops forward at a steady pace to celebrate age on stage! This year saw

  • young and old dance artists sharing their gifts at Old & Young and Reckless Together in April

  • a successful fundraiser in May at the Heliconian Club to launch MOonhORsE’s 20th season

  • Older & Reckless presented for the 1st time at the Canada Dance Festival in the nation’s capital in June

  • our 1st Older & Reckless in association with Harbourfront Centre and our largest O&R audience ever! Over 600 people attended 3 performances to experience some of Canada’s most devoted older dance artists and JOE- our wonderful community project in partnership with Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault

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