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Cloud 9 Choreographer Lina Cruz

Photo of Lina Cruz at Older & Reckless#24 December 2011 by Ömer K. Yükseker

March has arrived in a mad mix of Spring and Winter - and Cloud 9’s second exciting production is just 2 months away!

Leading up to the May performances at The Theatre Centre, we’ll share some enlightening info about the Cloud 9 team, including brilliant choreographers Lina Cruz and DA Hoskins and acclaimed performers Louise Bédard, Karen Kaeja, Larry Hahn, Claudia Moore and Robert Regala - artists who continue to extend their limits as creators and interpreters.

Did you know? About Cloud 9 Choreographer Lina Cruz

Lina Cruz, Artistic Director of Fila 13, is a prolific creator from Montreal with an astonishing imagination. Over the past 10 years, Toronto audiences have been fortunate to see several of her works, including Soupe du Jour (2011) and Waiting for a sleepless night (2015), both presented by Yvonne Ng’s festival Dance: Made in Canada. Soupe du Jour received the 2012 Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding Choreography by Cruz and for Outstanding Sound Design/Composition by Lina’s musical collaborator, Philippe Noireaut. Last month, Danceworks presented Lina and Philippe’s breath-taking commission for Throwdown Collective, Ylem (3 Eggs Ago) at Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

Over the years, Lina and Philippe have participated in a range of Toronto dance/music performances including Series 8:08, events curated by Norma Araiza, Jim Montgomery and the Music Gallery, Toronto Dance Theatre's Four at the Winch Quebec and Older & Reckless.Lina and Philippe “are grateful for these precious opportunities and salute the Toronto dance community which is so creatively and diligently managed by its talented members.” The Cloud 9 program will be performed on alternating evenings with Kaeja D’Dance’s program, May 9- 20, at The Theatre Centre.Click here for Tickets and more information.

Lina Cruz's Room #7 will be performed along with DA Hoskin's BIRD NESTING IN FINGERS IN BLOOM. Join us on Cloud 9 to savour these brave new works!

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