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Cloud 9 Artist Larry Hahn

Photo of Larry Hahn by Aleksander Antonijevic

Springtime slowly approaches and the Cloud 9 premiere is only a month away! We celebrate the Cloud 9 artists by sharing some of their significant history and a few fun personal notes, too.

Did you know? About Cloud 9 Dancer LARRY HAHN

Larry was a member of New York’s acclaimed Doug Varone and Dancers from 1988 to 2003, and was honored in 1996 with a Bessie- NY’s Dance and Performance Award- for his achievements with the company. What an honour to feature Larry Hahn in DA Hoskins new quartet- at 67, he is the most senior performer to dance with Cloud 9. When/why/how did you start dancing? I started dancing when I was 26yrs old at university as part of my psychology major. I was interested in doing something physical that didn’t have the violence of sports and would bring me out into the world from a very shy place. Who was the most significant choreographer you worked with and why? Doug Varone- a genius of a choreographer who can create work that is visceral, tragic, narrative, comedic, musical, storytelling, abstract choreographing every single step and still allow for the unique talents of the dancer doing the work to express themselves. Which was your favourite city to perform in and why? New York City in the 80s and 90s- because it understood the unique variations within the art form, which is, in my opinion, completely and utterly lost now. What book is on your bedside table? Jo Nesbo’s THE SON, a mystery novel What is your favourite way to unwind and relax? Watching European soccer games with a cocktail What is the best thing about being an older dancer? I haven’t found the best in being an older dancer. It is mostly suffering the loss of physical abilities that prevent me from sharing how my dancing heart soars.

Larry Hahn with Peggy Baker in Home by Doug Varone at Older & Reckless #34 Photo by Tamara Romanchuk

Larry Hahn will appear with Karen Kaeja, Claudia Moore and Robert Regala in DA Hoskins' quartet, BIRD NESTING IN FINGERS IN BLOOM. The Cloud 9 program also includes Lina Cruz's Room #7 featuring Louise Bédard, Karen Kaeja and Claudia Moore with musician/composer Philippe Noireaut. Join us on Cloud 9 to savour these brave new works!

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