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Cloud 9 Artist Louise Bédard

Louise Bédard - photo by Angelo Barsetti (2014)

Springtime greetings! As the Cloud 9 premiere approaches, we celebrate the seasoned Cloud 9 artists by sharing some of their significant history and some personal writing,

Did you know? About Cloud 9 Dancer LOUISE BÉDARD

Louise Bédard, Artistic Director of Louise Bédard Danse, began her career in contemporary dance in 1979 at Le Groupe Nouvelle Aire in Montréal, making her mark as a distinctive performer alongside many esteemed choreographers including Sylvain Émard, Paul-André Fortier, Ginette Laurin, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Jeanne Renaud and Daniel Soulières. In 1983 she began to choreograph herself and has signed more than forty works that portray human complexity and fragility with poetry, humor, and irony.

Louise speaks about what inspires her work as a creator: “Each project brings inspiration from different sources. But something that returns is my appreciation for the work of female artists. Some of them deeply influenced my work. Often I discovered their works through art books before being able to see an exhibition. In 2016, I created a full-length work, La Démarquise. The work of Paula Rego, a Portuguese artist living in London, was behind the creation of this female quintet, igniting my urge to create something for, and about, women, both young and aging women. The fact that I am an aging choreographer and dancer made me see that when we age, people don't look at us the same way. Exploring that topic and making links with Rego's work contributed to fulfilling my vision for the piece."

Louise Bédard will appear with Karen Kaeja, Claudia Moore and musician/composer Philippe Noireaut in Room #7 by Lina Cruz. The Cloud 9 program includes DA Hoskins' quartet, Bird Nesting in Fingers in Bloom for Karen, Claudia, Larry Hahn and Robert Regala. Join us on Cloud 9 to savour these brave new works!

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