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Cloud 9 Artist Robert Regala

Robert Regala in José Limón’s Psalm - photo by Beatriz Schiller

Hurray! We’re back on Cloud 9 in the studio with DA Hoskins- the premiere is a mere 3 weeks away! Today we celebrate Cloud 9 performer Robert Regala by sharing some of his significant history and his personal responses to a few questions.

Did you know? About Cloud 9 Dancer ROBERT REGALA

Robert was a Principal Dancer with the renowned Limón Dance Company of New York, founded in 1946 by José Limón and his mentors, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman, whose works revolutionized modern dance. Robert was once described in New York Magazine by Tobi Tobias as “…small, wiry, swift and volatile as quicksilver, he might be a clown indulged by some long ago court for his peculiar brand of wisdom.” He remains an enigmatic performer – magical to behold! Robert is a long-time colleague of Bill Coleman and performs in Toronto on occasion with Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie. Last November, he appeared in Coleman’s satirical dance work The Dance Belt: A Brief History of the Performing Arts, presented by the Art of Time Ensemble.

What is your favourite way to unwind and relax? Can’t say- it’s in DA’s new quartet for Cloud 9, Bird Nesting in Fingers in Bloom. Come see.

When/why/how did you start dancing? Eighth grade, to Madonna’s “Holiday”- I had no idea what dance was, I don’t know why I joined the group. Little did I know that that impulse would lead me to Cloud 9!

Who was your most significant teacher or choreographer and why? Gary Masters and Fred Mathews, my first artistic directors- they taught me the language of dance, how to breathe with the swing. They taught me about dynamic equilibrium.

Which was your favourite city to perform in and why? Sarajevo- they were recovering from war. The festival organizers found us housing and though there wasn’t an abundance of comforts, never once was I exposed to any sense of hopelessness. The people were welcoming, offering the best portions available. It was a very humbling generosity.

Robert Regala self portrait

Robert Regala will appear with Karen Kaeja, Claudia Moore and Larry Hahn in DA Hoskins' quartet, BIRD NESTING IN FINGERS IN BLOOM. The Cloud 9 program also includes Lina Cruz's Room #7 featuring Louise Bédard, Karen Kaeja and Claudia Moore with musician/composer Philippe Noireaut. Join us on Cloud 9 to savour these brave new works!

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