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Cloud 9 Artist DA Hoskins

Bird Nesting in Fingers in Bloom- in only a week from today, Karen, Larry, Robert and I will premiere this new work by DA Hoskins. As we “nestle” into the theatre, robins are building their nest in the vines on my back porch! Beyond the madness of preparing and the excitement of sharing the work with you, I am moved to the core by the artistry and commitment of my Cloud 9 companions. Together, we acknowledge our gratitude for a lifetime of dancing and look forward to offering you the Cloud 9 creations next week!

DA Hoskins photo by Nico Stagias.

Did you know? About Cloud 9 Dancer DA Hoskins

Here are some reflections from Cloud 9 creator DA Hoskins - beautiful testaments to the role of wise, supportive teachers in the making of an artist!

What was an early significant experience, and why?

My kindergarten teacher brought me to every classroom in my school to show the students a painting I did. I think she proclaimed me as an artist and I kind of listened.

Why did you start dancing?

My business teacher in high school approached me about a dance company that was coming to town, thinking I would 'appreciate it.' Being a rather effeminate boy, I was rather intimidated to go. The thought of being seen going to a dance performance felt very exposing. But I did go, and I brought my dad's 35mm camera to imply possible other reasons for being there - photographer for the school newspaper? I sat in the front row of a buzzing theatre and when finally the curtain went up - the visceral wash of bodies was unlike anything I had ever witnessed. The potency of the body in expression spoke to me as a political statement- a liberty and connection to the sensual self, the collective entity of a group dancing together. The experience profoundly shook me- a personal pivotal in my existence. I felt simultaneously a desire, a purpose. I felt a new me.

Karen Kaeja, Larry Hahn, Claudia Moore and Robert Regala. Photo by DA Hoskins

Join Cloud 9 for a Pre-Show Chat

Before every Cloud 9 performance at The Theatre Centre, special guests share stories & info to illuminate the dance journeys of the Cloud 9 artists: Tuesday May 9, 7:15pm Brodie Stevenson in conversation with choreographer Lina Cruz Wednesday May 10 Gala, 6:30- 7:45pm Jean Stilwell & Franco Boni introduce choreographer DA Hoskins Saturday May 13, 7:15pm Bill Coleman talks about Robert Regala Thursday May 18, 7:15pm Peggy Baker talks about Larry Hahn Friday May 19, 7:15pm Carol Anderson talks about Louise Bédard Saturday May 20, 1:15pm To be announced

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