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June 2017 Newsletter

Cloud 9 was the final event in MOonhORsE Dance Theatre’s 20th anniversary season and I THANK YOU ALL for coming to see our performance featuring seasoned dancers in brave new works. The pre-show talks by honoured guests shed light on the dance stories of the Cloud 9 artists. We celebrated MDT’s 20 years at the May 10th gala and Larry Hahn’s birthday with cake for all! Thanks to the entire Cloud 9 team of creators, performers, designers, funders, administrators, supporters and all who gave Cloud 9 wings!

Claudia Moore, Louise Bédard and Karen Kaeja in Lina Cruz's Room #7. Photo by John Lauener.

Age on stage reflects age in life- we are all in a constant state of growing, learning and moving forward. Connecting with you through Cloud 9 was a beautiful chance to contemplate the mystery of our earthly voyage.


Margie Gillis- photo by Tamara Romanchuk / BaKari I Lindsay- photo by Irina Popova


Onward! I’m off to St Catharines- teaching workshops to participants of all ages and backgrounds, thanks to organizer Sara Palmieri at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre and funding from Ontario Arts Council. What an eager group of movers! March 2018 will see an Older & Reckless in St Catharines and some of these folks will be joining the pros on stage! Thank you for riding with MOonhORsE in our 20th season. Wishes to all for a lovely summertime!

Photos from St. Catharine's Workshop.


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