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April Newsletter

Wow - what a happy dance adventure for Older & Reckless in St. Catharines! Thanks to the terrific team at FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre led by Sara Palmieri, each and every one, for their passionate support of dance and for connecting artists to the public! BaKari I. Lindsay, Sara Porter, Robert Desrosiers, Anne Bourne and I were thrilled to perform at

Robertson Hall for an eager full house.

The community dancers - Maja Bannerman, Stéphanie Filippi, Vivian Hall, Diane Konkin, Jan DiMartino, Rachel Clarke-Smith and original cast member Mai Duong - lit up the stage in Trill of the Heart. MDT board member Carol Anderson added gyro sessions to the mix and Gavin McDonald set the stage with his lighting magic.

Trill of the Heart by Natalie Dewan

Trill of the Heart community dancers, photo by Natalie Dewan

I’m ever grateful to MDT board chair Christine Moynihan for encouraging audience warm-ups. This one in St Catharines, led by Eva Romanowski-Annett, rocked the house and almost everyone joined in on the fun. What a beautiful audience for a stunning evening of dance!

Spring will come and, in the meantime, dancing keeps us warm. Don’t stop!

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