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THANK YOU for coming to Older & Reckless #42

Barbara Diabo, JP Longboat & Byron Chief Moon, Christine Friday, Bill Coleman, Elizabeth Langley

Photos by Tamara Romanchuk & Natalie Dewan

Remarkable dance artists of many nations Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Christine Friday, Elizabeth Langley, JP Longboat, Byron Chief Moon, Bill Coleman and author Lee Maracle sparked conversations, built bridges and set hearts on fire with their powerful performances at Older & Reckless #42. Indigenous knowledge keeper Karen Pheasant welcomed the audience with story and yoga to begin every performance. Thank you, beautiful audience, for your exuberant reception!

Circle Dance Talk - photo by Camille Rojas

The Circle Dance Talk - Karen Pheasant and Penny Couchie shared profound stories of how dance promotes healing from an Indigenous perspective.

O&R#42 Workshops - participants were engaged and inspired through their illuminating sessions with Barbara Diabo, Christine Friday, Elizabeth Langley and Karen Pheasant - women with a lifetime of experience in dance.

Life is Good (thanks) - photo by Tamara Romanchuk

The Community Project - led by Barbara Diabo with Emily Law, Brent Taylor and rehearsal director Bonnie Kim this was an uplifting experience for the 25 movers who took up the challenge. We applaud their courage and commitment. Here’s what participants said about the experience: “This has been life changing for me” - Vinod Anbalagan “I experienced this as an act of cultural generosity, given to us by Barbara Diabo, and I felt honored to be part of it.” - Stephen K. Levine “I loved this whole experience, and meeting all of you. And dancing such a special piece together.” - Denise Mitsche

Miigwech to each artist, every mover, our funders, generous sponsors, patrons and volunteers, Technical Director Gavin McDonald, Stage Manager Victoria Wang, Nathalie Bonjour and the entire Harbourfront Centre team, the MOonhORsE board and General Manager Adina Herling - ALL who made this dream come true!

Karen Pheasant, Claudia Moore & Barbara Diabo - photo by Camille Rojas

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