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Learie Mc Nicolls

It is time for change.

MOonhORsE condemns the systemic racism and persistent threats to Black, POC and Indigenous lives. We uphold a policy to connect senior artists of all backgrounds and nations with the public through Older & Reckless and we acknowledge we can do more in making better choices towards equality. We will deepen our existing relationships and increase our offerings to Black artists, Indigenous artists and POC. We pledge action for greater and more sustained diversity in all our activities at MOonhORsE.

We will transform our rage and sorrow for the ongoing injustices and inhumane acts of racial brutality over centuries into positive action.

We are excited for this change and truly honoured to be part of the solution.

As we look towards the 20th anniversary of Older & Reckless, we shine a light on the senior artists who we are privileged to include in our celebrations, beginning with the legendary LEARIE MC NICOLLS.


Q & A with Learie Mc Nicolls

Please tell us about a current project or life event that excites you?

Writing my autobiography. Working on releasing a triple CD and a couple dance videos! Gonna take years. Started painting again.

Please talk about a highlight or pivotal moment from your dancing past.

Dancing with The Ballet Nacional De Cuba! Two years of bliss! Dancing in Europe fulltime. Dancing in Canada fulltime. Just dancing all the time.

What do you consider most challenging as an experienced dance artist?

Keeping my art alive by doing my art 100%.

What do you like best about being an "Older & Reckless" dance artist?

Freeing myself from technique.

Tell us about a person, image or quote that guides or inspires you.

My son Maxx is an inspiration and a blessing. By him being himself, I am inspired to be me and dedicate even more to myself and my art.

Learie McNicolls, acclaimed dancer, choreographer and spoken word artist for over 30 years, is the founder of Myth Productions. He has performed internationally with The National Ballet of Cuba and Dancemakers, among others. Learie received the City of Hamilton’s 2015 Performance Award and is also a two-time Dora Award winner for Outstanding Performance and Choreography for his one man show Armour. Learie has performed several times at Older & Reckless and is currently writing his autobiography.

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