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March Newsletter

Go out in the backyard

Or out to the park.

Breathe, stretch & reach,

Do a dance - for a lark!


Is a chance to retreat

Into reading, arts


Or massaging your feet!

Do things we're always

Too busy to do.

Relax, have some fun,

I'll be thinking of you


There’s no denying we are living through an unprecedented and difficult time. We are thinking of you all! Let’s put our creativity to use in finding ways to stay active and healthy. This period of self-isolation or “retreat” will pass. Let’s be leaders- to calm and inspire!

Due to necessary health precautions, Our Engaging Seniors in Dance session, April 7 - 30, is cancelled.

Carol, Julia and I are putting some ideas together for online classes so we can keep moving together!

In the meantime - here’s a fun challenge. Put on some music and do a dance everyday, just for your own enjoyment. Follow your impulses and use any of the guides from our earlier classes- curves, reaches, arcs. Make it flowing or staccato, slow or fast. Listen to your body, follow your impulses and enjoy!

Check out Julia Aplin’s Upward Spiral page on Facebook.If you “like” Upward Spiral, you’ll get all Julia’s wonderful movement moments to follow!

With loving wishes for your health and happiness. Keep dancing!

- Claudia

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