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This happened. On a perfect August evening at Bickford Park – a magical dance moment in utopia lifted our hearts.

15 senior dance artists and 3 musicians gathered to dance an improvised score by Julia Aplin and Carol Anderson for the earth, in celebration of 20 years of Older & Reckless.

Julia Aplin, Carol Anderson, Norma Araiza, Sylvie Bouchard, Arwyn Carpenter, Charmaine Headley, Karen Kaeja, Terrill Maguire, Kevin Ormsby, Patrick Parson, Roula Said, Julia Sasso , Holly Small, Sashar Zarif with John Gzowski (banjo), Ernie Tollar (alto sax) and Gurtej Hunjan (percussion)- sublime!

ApHeart – photos by John Lauener


“Thank you again Claudia, Julia and Carol for creating the literal and metaphorical space for all of us, movers of different worlds and walks of life, to move together yet separated.”

- Norma Araiza

“Thank you…for the invitation to immerse myself into your score that delighted me and opened the door to feeling like a kid in my body…”

– Karen Kaeja

“I woke up with a smile in my heart this morning. What a wonderful experience that was to move with you beautiful movers!!! I honor each of you. And I give thanks to this remarkable dancing life that we live.”

– Julia Aplin

“This was deeply fun and so healing.”

– Roula Said

“I also would like to thank O & R for being there through the years, supporting maturity and providing a platform for what seems to be overlooked in our world- age, experience and wisdom.”

– Sashar Zarif

The celebrations continue through the Fall leading up to November 6, the launch of Older & Reckless: 20 years of Age on Stage - an online event, produced by Vickie Fagan.

Mark your calendars! Join us for an Audience- warmup and glimpses of O&R artists dancing outdoors through the pandemic in parks and various surprise sites, plus 4 new dance videos created especially for the occasion by Toronto dance legends in collaboration with visionary videographers – it’s going to be a special time and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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