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March Newsletter

March has arrived and Spring approaches!

Today we begin our Spring into Spring session of online classes, including a creation process with Carol Anderson - Ocean Motion. Our imaginations carry us to the beach where we become the waves!

Sallie Lyons’ luminous spirit touched so many of us in the dance and theatre community. Your generous donations to MOonhORsE in her honour fill us with gratitude. From our hearts, we thank you ALL!

Anonymous, Janet Aronoff, Peggy Baker, Mimi Beck, Graham Brown, Laurie Cumming, Jane Deluzio, Sharon Dembo, Denise Fujiwara, Louise Garfield, Catherine Lee, Monique Leger, Anne-Louise Gould, Vivian Hall, Tyler Kruspe, Sherry LeBlanc, Jane Low-Beer, Selma Odom, Paula Ravitz, Banuta Rubess, Dianne Taylor, Patricia White, William Wong, Heather Wright


BOOK news! Dancer, choreographer, educator and therapist, Emilyn Claid, was one of our 2020 Circle Dance Talk guest speakers. Her new book, FALLING through dance and life, draws inspiration from her personal and professional experiences to explore alternative approaches to being present in the world. A must-read! With this attached flyer, you can purchase the book at a 35% discount.

JOE - a webcast of the 1995 video recording will be available March 17 - 23!

One of the most influential contemporary dance artists in Canada, choreographer, painter and set designer Jean-Pierre Perreault (1947–2002) created Joe in 1983 for students in the dance department at Université du Québec à Montréal. From 1984 to 2004, professional productions with as many as 32 dancers revived the piece and toured the world.

A webcast of a video recording of Joe, produced in 1995 by Bernard Picard for Radio-Canada, will be available between March 17 and 23, 2021, at the time of your choosing, for $15

At Older & Reckless 2016 Danser Joe, an excerpt of Joe, was performed by a cast of 25 amateurs along with 5 former Joe performers reviving their roles. A co-production with Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault, presented in association with MOonhORsE and Harbourfront Centre, Danser Joe was an unforgettable experience for participants and audience alike!

(Danser Joe at O&R 2016 – photo by Tamara Romanchuk)


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