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Ocean Motion

(Apparition by Joyce Ozier)

Ocean Motion & Connecting with BC Friends

For her Ocean Motion creation on Zoom, Carol Anderson took us to the beach! We embodied starfish, seashells and seaweed, and were moved by the ocean waves. Here is the video clip made from our final session, performed by our senior movers and enhanced by BC visual artist Joyce Ozier’s beautiful painting entitled Apparition. Joyce founded an on-line Fine Art Print Gallery called the b/older gallery and kindly allowed us to include her work in ours - a fitting partner for Older & Reckless!

Joyce speaks about her artistic path:

“My path to becoming a painter was not a straight one. I began by studying art in a Studio Arts program in a major American university and went on to get a Master’s in Theatrical Design.

Always excited by innovation, I spent some years doing Experimental Theater in a wild assortment of sites, beaches, art galleries and international festivals, creating and touring with an experimental theatre company, The Royal Canadian Aerial Theatre. This stage taught me about dramatic lighting and working BIG.

My next stage involved Arts Management, working with dancers and managing several small dance companies, as well as a year working with independent choreographers for the Canada Council. My love of dance and movement has had a huge impact on my painting aesthetic through the flow of the canvas space and the interaction of living colour.

My present incarnation is as a painter/visual artist and my latest project is the founding of an on-line Fine Art Print Gallery called the b/older gallery. It showcases only professional artists over 65 years old and is aligned with the international Anti-Ageism Movement being spearheaded by the World Health Organization in the UN.”

Learn more about the b/older gallery here


If you missed it last Fall, please join us on May 1 for Older & Reckless: 20 years of Age on Stage, presented by Kelowna’s Rotary Centre for the Arts- the celebration continues!


Older & Reckless Workshops

Presented in partnership with Rotary Centre for the Arts

April 27 & April 30

10:00am - 11:00am BC Time PDT (1:00pm - 2:00pm Toronto Time EDT)

Online Via Zoom

Open to all levels and backgrounds

Tuesday April 27 – MOVEMENT WITH THE TREES with Julia Aplin

Julia is inspired by the teachings of the trees, the depth of humanity witnessed during our isolation and the beauty of our blue planet as it spins on through the vast universe. Julia's class is part choreographed and part improvised-- guided frameworks to explore our humanity through movement expression. Full of energizing dance fun to inspire and uplift!

Friday April 30 - VERNACULAR JAZZ with Natasha Powell

Vernacular Jazz is a collection of dances created in the African-American communities during the late 1800’s through mid 1900’s, to jazz and swing music. From the Charleston to the shimmy, to Snake Hips, to the Suzy Q, we’ll dance to some snazzy rhythms while learning the moves and grooves of original jazz dancing. Popular with movers of all ages, Natasha's classes leave everyone smiling!


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