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OLDER & RECKLESS 2020 Workshop Series

OLDER & RECKLESS 2020 presents

Workshops led by five distinctive female dance artists - Lua Shayenne, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Julia Aplin, Denise Fujiwara, and Carol Anderson. Each offers a rich personal vision based on a lifetime in dance.

Older & Reckless 2020 Workshops

November 2nd - 6th  

ALL WORKSHOPS take place from 11:00am – Noon via Zoom

and are open to all levels and backgrounds



Subsidized Rate - Free

General Admission - $10

Pay It Forward (cover someone else's admission) - $20



Monday November 2nd - WEST AFRICAN HARVEST DANCES with

Lua Shayenne

Tuesday November 3rd - CONNECTIONS with

Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo

Wednesday November 4th – MOVEMENT WITH THE TREES with

Julia Aplin

Thursday November 5th - MOVING MEDITATION with

Denise Fujiwara

Friday November 6th - MINDFUL MOTION with

Carol Anderson




Follow Dance artist Lua Shayenne on a journey to Africa through grounded movement inspired by West African dances.  Lua's artistic language draws on the oral tradition of her African ancestry where narrative is a source of wisdom and shapes humanity’s sense of purpose and place. We will celebrate abundance, give praise and thanks to mother nature for always providing us with sustenance, with movements that are inspired by harvest dances. All this from the comfort of your home! 

TUESDAY - CONNECTIONS - Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo

In this time of regulated distancing, we often crave ways to connect. Inspired by some Indigenous perspectives, practices, as well as others Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo will explore various connections with you. Connections with ourselves, with each other, with the world around us, our ancestors and the future generations. Through movement and music, we will work to be together in harmony. Please bring a candle and a photo of someone significant from your past (ancestor, parent, friend, teacher, etc.). 

WEDNESDAY - MOVEMENT with the TREES - Julia Aplin

Julia will lead a workshop to help you connect to your own natural movement and to the living world around us. Julia will lead you through her movement meditation based on the Celtic Ogham and offer movement exercises to explore and begin to restore our balance with nature. Bring some fallen branches and/or twigs to the workshop.


If you would like to experience the benefits of meditation, but you’ve done enough sitting (in front of a screen) and you’d prefer to stretch out and move, this might be something for you. In these sessions we develop a mindful movement practice that facilitates awareness, embodied presence, agility and creativity.


Gentle, flowing movement patterns offer benefits similar to those derived from yoga, dance, swimming, and t’ai chi. Spherical, figure-eight movements integrate breath, motion and awareness. Performed seated, these movement patterns fully articulate the spine, and contribute to supporting the many health benefits of dynamic alignment. This class is designed for older movers, enhancing mobility and the joy of moving with breath, intention and flow.


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