MOonhORsE Dance Theatre

“MOonhORsE embodies the poetry of the moon and the wild physicality of the horse”.

Claudia Moore

MOonhORsE Dance Theatre was established in 1996 as a home for the dance projects of performer, curator and Artistic Director Claudia Moore. From the company's inception until 2006, Moore created a unique body of dance theatre, with 1998's wishes winning the Dora Award for Outstanding New Choreography.

Older & Reckless, conceived by Claudia in 2000, is MOonhORsE Dance Theatre’s acclaimed performance series known for its celebration of mature dance artists who dare to approach mastery in their art form. In 2010, Old & Young and Reckless Together - a pairing of mature and emergent artists in a program of intergenerational knowledge exchange - evolved to connect dance artists across generations and provide mentorship. Moore's performance projects bring seasoned dancers together with acclaimed choreographers in solo, duet and ensemble creations. 


MOonhORsE Dance Theatre also contributes to the education of young and old in the field of dance through discussions, workshops, through social media and in Community Performance Projects led by experienced dance artists for amateur participants, now included in every Older & Reckless performance.


"No one walks out of a Claudia Moore performance - or piece of choreography- unmoved. Every gesture is saturated with drama and human emotion."

- Now Magazine, Top 20 Dance Artists