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Since 2010 when Old & Young and Reckless Together was added to MOonhORsE activities, Older & Reckless has been an effective platform for the sharing of experience and knowledge between the senior and the emerging dance artist. 

In 2018/2019, Old & Young and Reckless Together evolved into a new mentorship pilot program to support a process for mentors and mentees over an extended period. Monitored and evaluated by participants and an outside eye, the program was determined to benefit the creative development of those involved. MOonhORsE is committed to offering the Older & Reckless Mentorship program every 2 years and provides honorariums for the artists to support their artistic development.


2022 / 2023 Mentees 











2020 / 2021 Mentees 













Jessie photo2.jpg

Jessie Garon

Jordan Alleyne by David Leyes.jpg

Jordan Alleyne

IMG-20180219-WA0016 (1).jpg

Neetika Sharma

The 2020/2021 edition of our Older & Reckless Mentorship Program included Neetika Sharma with Deepti Gupta, Jordan Alleyne with Learie Mc Nicolls and Sara Porter with Jessie Garon.


Due to the pandemic, the program took place almost entirely online in Zoom discussions to support each artist's current projects. We also initiated online sessions around the topics of Creation and Teaching with invited speakers Carol Anderson, Jordana Deveau, Charmaine Headley, Julia Sasso, Michelle Silagy and Kevin Ormsby to share and reflect on experience among the artist speakers and mentor/mentee teams.

The program continued through the spring of 2021 and the mentees had an opportunity to develop short works with their mentors as outside eyes. The resulting works - not necessarily completed pieces - were shared with invited guests in an online event on June 19th featuring a Q&A among all 6 mentorship participants. Throughout these pandemic times with its challenges of social isolation, the O&R Mentorship Program was able to provide much needed support and creative stimulation to each of the artist participants, both young and old. 

KWit (Photo by Ulf Caap)it (1).jpg

Kathia Wittenborn


Tracey Norman

The 2022/2023 edition of our Older & Reckless Mentorship Program includes Kathia Wittenborn with Sashar Zarif and Tracey Norman with Julia Sasso. 


This year’s Mentorship program participants are dance community veterans exchanging knowledge with two exemplary local mid-career artists. Julia Sasso will be mentoring Tracey Norman in a choreographic engagement and Sashar Zarif will be mentoring Kathia Wittenborn with an emphasis on performance and presence. Our 2023 mentorship duos  are in the studio this month!

2018 / 2019 Mentees 


Emma Kerson

Caryn Chappell.jpg

Caryn Chappell

In 2018/2019 Susie Burpee worked with Emma Kerson and Marie-Josée Chartier worked with Caryn Chappell. Samyuktha Punthambekar shadowed Claudia Moore to learn more about running a company whilst managing a performance career and performed as an artist leader in Roger Sinha’s Community Project, MoW on the Move.

The mentees were invited to observe preparations, technical rehearsals and performances by mentors Burpee and Chartier and the other featured artists at Older & Reckless 2018 at Harbourfront Centre Theatre, including opportunities to speak with the artists. They were also invited as guests to the Older & Reckless workshops led by Susie, Marie-Josée and Kitt Johnson (Denmark).

The mentorship program continued with 1-on-1 consultations throughout the spring of 2019 and culminated in a week-long studio residency in partnership with Dancemakers, May 6- 10, 2019. Here the mentees developed short works with their mentors as outside eyes and without the pressure of a final product. The resulting works-in-progress were performed for invited guests in a studio showing followed by a discussion on May 10, 2019.

At the showing, Caryn’s and Emma’s work reflected the results of a strong process and an extended period of mentorship. Invited guests included Peggy Baker, Shannon Litzenberger and Michael Caldwell. Our mentorship patrons Lindy Green and Sam Chaiton, MOonhORsE Artistic Director Claudia Moore, with board members Carol Anderson and Sallie Lyons and Dancemakers General Manager Francis Shakov and Production/Facilities manager Tanya Bregstein were also in attendance. A rich discussion took place among artists and observers after the showing, sharing observations and useful feedback.

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