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2020 - 2021 SEASON

Older & Reckless: 20 Years of Age on Stage

An online event produced by Fagan Media Group

Friday, November 6, 2020 at 7:30pm

Esmeralda Enrique with filmmaker Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy

Denise Fujiwara with filmmaker William Yong

Learie Mc Nicolls with filmmaker Janet Aronoff

Sara Porter with filmmaker Vickie Fagan


Community Project - ApHeart, led by Julia Aplin and performed by 15 Toronto dance luminaries – and the Nelken-Line, an homage to internationally renowned dance icon Pina Bausch, led by Viv Moore, with a cast of 25 dance artists and community movers. 

ApHeart Main Image.jpg
2018 - 2019 SEASON

Older & Reckless #42

in association with Harbourfront Centre

November 15 - 16, 2019 @ Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo (Montreal) originally from the Mohawk Nation of Kahnawake - The Medicine Wheel (excerpt)
Christine Friday (Friday's Point) Anishinaabe Kwe representing Temagami First Nation - Maggie & Me: A healing dance
JP Longboat (Ottawa) member of the Turtle Clan from Six Nations & Byron Chief Moon (Vancouver) member of the Kainai Nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy - Greed, Duet
Elizabeth Langley (Montreal) - Seeking the Dancing Soul of the Walking People

Bill Coleman (Toronto) & author Lee Maracle (Toronto) member of the Sto:loh Nation - Out of the Longhouse


Community Project - Life is Good (thanks) led by Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo with Brent Taylor (Peterborough), Emily Law (Toronto) and rehearsal director Bonnie Kim (Toronto) for 25 dance enthusiasts. More information available here.

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Older & Reckless #41

in association with Harbourfront Centre

November 9 - 10, 2018 @ Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Kitt Johnson (Denmark) - Stigma

Susie Burpee and Linnea Swan - Road Trip

Pia Bouman - Erasing Margins

Marie-Josée Chartier - étude pour quatuor/study for quartet performed by Learie McNicolls, Miko Sobreira, Darryl Tracy and Dan Wild 

Aaloka Mehndiratta - Piya Ali Ali 


Community Project - MoW! On the Move (Dhadang) by Roger Sinha (Montreal) for a cast of 30 comprised of 28 dance enthusiasts with two seasoned professionals Julia Aplin and Samyuktha Punthambekar.  More information available here.

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 8.28.37 PM.png

Older & Reckless #40

in association with Harbourfront Centre

November 10 - 11, 2017 @ Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Lesandra Dodson (New Brunswick) - In Two Days a Man Can Change, performed by Ric Brown and Darryl Tracy

Heidi Latsky (NYC) - Solo One

Jane Mappin & Daniel Firth (Montreal) - Ils m'ont dit

Sashar Zarif - “The wound is the place where the light enters you" 

and honoured guest Evelyn Hart - Abiding by Matjash Mrozewski


Community Project - Tell Everyone by Peter Chin for a cast of 20 dance enthusiasts and seasoned dance professionals Susie Burpee, Francisco Carrera, Marie-Josée Chartier, Bonnie Kim, and Dan WildMore information available here.

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2020 - 2021 SEASON
2018 - 2019
2018 - 2019 SEASON
2017 - 2018 SEASON
2017 - 2018

Older & Reckless Kelowna

co-presented by Rotary Centre for the Arts - Creative Aging Festival, Kelowna, BC

June 15, 2018 @ Rotary Centre for the Arts, Mary Irwin Theatre

Stelio Calagias (Nelson, BC) - This Blue Soul of Mine

Corine Derickson (Westbank First Nations BC) - Eagle Dance

Joe Laughlin (Vancouver, BC) - Silas by Amber Funk Barton

Simone Orlando (Kelowna, BC) - Primavera with Valentin Chou and Kurt Werner 

Claudia Moore - Ariel's Song

Community Project - Trill of the Heart led by Moore with 18 local participants, including leaders Patti TennessyAnnick LeQuellec and Neil Cadger

Robert Desrosiers with cellist/singer Anne Bourne - Character in the Choir's Carnival

BaKari I. Lindsay - Ancestral Calling
Claudia Moore - Sylph(a) by Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho
Sara Porter -
Sara Does a Solo (edit)

Community Project - Trill of the Heart led by Moore with 7 local participants and rehearsal assistance by Mai Duong

Older & Reckless St. Catharines

co-presented by FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, St. Catharines, ON

March 23, 2018 @ FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Robertson Hall

2016 - 2017 SEASON
2016 - 2017

Older & Reckless #39

in association with Harbourfront Centre

November 11 - 12, 2016 @ Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Robert Desrosiers with cellist/singer Anne Bourne - Character in the Choir's Carnival
Margie Gillis (Montreal) - The Wonder of Dissolve (world premiere)
Charles Koroneho (New Zealand) -
The Song- Ethnomusicology and the Maori
BaKari I. Lindsay - Ancestral Calling
Claudia Moore Sylph(a) by Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho

Community Project - Danser Joe an excerpt of JOE, the late Jean Pierre Perreault's iconic contemporary dance work, performed by a cast of amateurs, along with several former JOE performers - Julia Aplin, Marie-Josée Chartier, Bonnie Kim, Julia Sasso, Gary Tai and Gerry Trentham - reviving their roles…Canadian dance history! More information available here.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.31.25 PM.png
2015 - 2016
2015 - 2016 SEASON

Older & Reckless #38

presented by the Canada Dance Festival

June11, 2016 @ Arts Court Theatre, Ontario

Robert Desrosiers with cellist Anne Bourne - Character in the Choir's Carnival

Esmeralda Enrique - Ancestral (Bamberas) with vocalist Tamar Ilana and guitarist Caroline Planté

Cloud 9 - Room #7 Lina Cruz commission with Louise Bédard, Karen Kaeja, Claudia Moore & composer/musician Philippe Noireaut (Montreal)

Ron Stewart in Jennifer Mascall’s Outliner excerpt GRAFT (Vancouver)

Joe Laughlin Silas by Amber Funk Barton (Vancouver)
Justine Comfort -
Flesh and a Broken Whisper by John Ottmann
Jarrett Siddall Jessie Garon - duet by Serge Bennathan
James Croker & Jack Langenhuizen (Motus O Dance Theatre) - duet by Malgorzata Nowacka

Community Project: Move It! presentation by Joe Laughlin’s workshop participants. More information available here.

Outside eye: Katherine Duncanson

Julia Aplin with renowned accordionist Tiina Kiik - Zolla (excerpt)

Laurence Lemieux - Over Lockerbie

Sara Porter - VerbTenseDance

Joanna de Souza - Viveka

Outside eye: Katherine Duncanson

Older & Reckless #37

April 8 - 10, 2016 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Older & Reckless #36: 3 solos & a duet

November 13 - 15, 2015 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation

2014 - 2015 SEASON
2014 - 2015

Old & Young and Reckless Together #35: Dance and Design

a collaboration with the Toronto School of Art  |  in partnership with Dancemakers Centre for Creation

May 14 - 16, 2015 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation

6 choreographers collaborate with the Toronto School of Art to create an evening of innovative short works.

Amanda Acorn with designer Renee Castonguay - Leisure Palace

Amanda Davis with designer Thomas HendryUNTITLED and UNTITLED II 

Tina Fushell with designer Mary Ambrose - Mary’s Dream

Tina Fushell with designer Sacha Walter - Yin/Yang

Jasmyn Fyffe with designer Lisa Meschino - Undone, performed by Chantelle Mostacho and Kassi Scott 

Andrew Hartley with designer Shabnam Afrand Out There 

Emily Law with designer Louise KinerKaiju 

With artistic support by mentors Marie-Josée Chartier, Tina Oehmsen-Clark and Gerry Trentham

Older & Reckless #34

All duets plus an ensemble community work for non-pros

March 13 - 15, 2015 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation 

Doug Varone (NY) - Home performed by Peggy Baker Larry Hahn 

Jane Mappin & Daniel Firth (Montreal) - Lewis & Lucie

Allen Kaeja & Karen Kaeja - Desperate Song 2 (Allen Kaeja replaced by Zhenya Cerneacov)

Community Project: Claudia Moore orchestrates Trill of the Heart for 14 amateurs. More information available here.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.31.43 PM.png

Older & Reckless #33

presented by Canadian Stage

November 6 - 9, 2014 @ Berkeley Street Theatre

Bill Coleman - A simple line of enquiry with pianist Eve Egoyan

Robert Desrosiers - Character in the Choir's Carnival with cellist Anne Bourne

Esmeralda Enrique - Ancestral with vocalist Tamar Ilana and guitarist Nicolás Hernández

Cloud 9 (Claudia Moore, Sylvie Bouchard, Karen Kaeja) - This Time Past by Susie Burpee with cellist Carina Reeves

Douglas Dunn - Near Miss with musician Steven Taylor

Outside eye: Julia Sasso

Dance & Music Workshop with Douglas Dunn & Steven Taylor from NYC

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.32.01 PM.png
2013 - 2014
2013 - 2014 SEASON

Older & Reckless #32: 5th Old & Young and Reckless Together

March 13 - 15, 2015 @ Danceamakers Centre for Creation

Carol Anderson - Elsinore performed by  Jordana Deveau

Troy Emery Twigg Iitahpoyii perfrormed by Justin Many Fingers

David Earle - trio for young dancers

Paul-André Fortier - Tell performed by the recent graduates of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre

Outside eye: Claudia Moore


Dance for the rest of us: Intro to hip hop for adults with Gadfly (Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho)

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.32.11 PM.png

Older & Reckless #31: All duets (and a trio!)

February 28 - March 1, 2014 

Michael Marye and Suzette Sherman - All That's Missing 

Vivine Scarlett & poet Michelle Muir - Sunday Love

Yvonne Ng & Robert Glumbek - Stone Velvet by Tedd Robinson

Stelio CalagiasVicki St. Denys & Timothy Spain - Is That It a collaborative creation by Vicki St. Denys & Molly Molloy with the Big Silver Blues Band

Outside eye: Bonnie Kim

Dance for the rest of us: Intro to belly dance with Roula Said

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.32.22 PM.png

Older & Reckless #30: All solos, plus a surprise work for non-dancers by M.J. Chartier

November 15  - 17, 2013 

Marie-Josée Chartier remounts seated woman/femme assise for Sylvie Bouchard

Gerry Trentham in Experiment B - part of the Apology Series

Mi Young Kim in Sal p'uri Chum with Kook Hyang Keum

Louise Moyes (St Johns, Newfoundland) All Zoos Everywhere based on a story by Lisa Moore

Community Project: M. J. Chartier’s Midnight News performed by Royal Bank of Canada employees. More information available here.

Outside eye: Katherine Duncanson

Dance for the rest of us: square dance with Hannah Naiman (live music)

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2012 - 2013
2012 - 2013 SEASON

Older & Reckless #29: 4th Old & Young and Reckless Together

May 16 - 18, 2013 

Danielle Baskerville & Amelia Ehrhardt (not one, not two..., by Julia Sasso)*

Ginelle Chagnon [Montreal] (À la prochaine, by Emily Gualtieri)*

Jarrett Siddall (Intimate Letter by James Kudelka; remounted by Susan Macpherson)

Jasmyn Fyffe (uncover, by Karen Kaeja)


**2nd Older & Reckless commissions. Program curated by Metcalf intern Michael Caldwell

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.32.42 PM.png

Older & Reckless #28: 2 solos / a duet / an ensemble

March 8 - 10, 2013 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Peter Chin (con/tempo/rare)

Kostas Gerardos & Daelik [Greece & Vancouver] (Romantic Old Horses, by Peter Bingham)

Nancy Latoszewski-Greyeyes (Carriage)

Sylvie Bouchard, Claudia Moore, Lucy Rupert, Miko Soberira, Hope Terry, Gerry Trentham (Eunoia excerpt, by Denise Fujiwara)

Outside eye: Patti Powell


Dance for amateurs workshop: Intro to hip hop for adults with Gadfly (Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho)

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.32.52 PM.png

Older & Reckless #27: All men / All solos

November 30 - December 2, 2012 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Paul-André Fortier [Montreal] (Box Solo)

BaKari IfaSegun Lindsay (Ancestral Calling)

Tom Brouillette (Transcendence, by Danny Grossman)

Alon Nashman (Kafka and Son excerpt)

Outside eye: Laurence Lemieux


Dance for amateurs workshop: Nia with Martha Randall


Film presentation by Fortier 30X30 documentary

2011 - 2012 SEASON
2011 - 2012

Older & Reckless #26: 3rd Old & Young and Reckless Together

May 18 - 19 2012 @ Citadel

Chantal Boudain & Amanda LaRusic (Duet from Fjeld, by Christopher House)

Michael Caldwell (Curious Schools of Theatrical Dance, by Danny Grossman)

Sahara Morimoto (solo from Sylvan Quartet by Peggy Baker)

Christopher Ortaleza (Wings, solo originally commissioned for Turning Pointe Academy of Dance, by William Yong)


Outside eyes: Jo Leslie and Claudia Moore


Dance for amateurs workshop: Movement workshop for families with Michelle Silagy

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.33.01 PM.png

Older & Reckless #25:

March 2 - 4, 2014 @ Citadel

David Earle with Michael English, Suzette Sherman and Robert Kingsbury (Night Garden, excerpts solo and duets; David Earle, choreographer)

Sylvie Bouchard, Karen Kaeja, Claudia Moore (Cloud 9, Susie Burpee, choreographer)

Davida Monk [Calgary] (Le Recours aux forêts, Serge Bennathan, choreographer)

Bill Coleman & Nell Coleman (Flourish)

Outside eye: Jo Leslie


Dance for amateurs workshop: Salsa workshop with Miko Sobreira

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.33.17 PM.png

Older & Reckless #24

December 2 - 3, 2011 @ Ossington Theatre

Esmeralda Enrique (Recuerdos [Taranto] ) with guitarist, Nicolás Hernández; vocalist, Tamar Ilana

Lina Cruz [Montreal] (Sink, excerpt)

Jennifer Lynn Dick (Home/Work, Michelle Silagy, co-choreographer)

Rebecca Hope Terry (Swan) with musician John Gzowski


Outside eye: Patti Powell


Dance for non-dancers workshop: Line-dancing with Tina Fushell

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.33.35 PM.png
2010 - 2011
2010 - 2011 SEASON

Older & Reckless #23

May 19 - 20, 2011 @ Dancemakers for Creation

Graduates of the Ryerson Dance program (Maelstrom - Youth Section, David Earle, choreographer; remounted by Kenny Pearl)

Marie-Josée Chartier & Val Calam (Red Brick, Marie-Josée Chartier, choreographer)

Stéphanie Tremblay Abubo (The Visitor…Waiting, Karen Kaeja, choreographer)

Pia Bouman (dissemination, Allison Cummings, choreographer)*


Outside eye: Claudia Moore

* 1st Older & Reckless commission

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.33.28 PM.png

Older & Reckless #22

March 11 - 13, 2011 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Keiko Kitano (Apoptosis)

Carol Anderson (Birthday Suite)

Susanna Hood & Sarah Bild [Montreal] (The Frying Pan’s Too Wide)

Phyllis Whyte (Grey Lipstick, Murray Darroch, choreographer)

Naoko Murakoshi [Japan] (untitled- work in progress)

Outside eye: Jo Leslie

Dance for non-dancers workshop: Salsa workshop with Miko Sobreira


Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 3.34.16 PM.png

Older & Reckless #21

November 27 - 28, 2010 @ Dancemakers Centre for Creation

Robert Glumbek (Dis/Locate; Roberto Campanella, co-choreographer)

Susan Elliot [Vancouver] (Princess, Lola MacLaughlin, choreographer)

Robin Poitras [Regina] (The Sound a Circle Makes, Tedd Robinson, choreographer)

Roger Sinha [Montreal] (Zeros & Ones)

Outside Eye: Allyson McMachon

Dance for non-dancers workshop: Gyro-kinetics workshop with Carol Anderson

2000 - 2010 SEASON
2000 - 2010

OLDER & RECKLESS #20: 1st Old & Young and Reckless Together

May 28-29, 2010 @ Dancemakers

Amelia Ehrhardt (Polyhymnia, Carol Anderson, choreographer)

Laura Corbeil, Megan Rosemary Navarro, Minae Omi, Riley Sims & Stéphanie Tremblay (Tryptich, Danny Grossman, choreographer)

Louise & Elliot Mussett [Halifax] (The Looking Glass, mother/daughter duet created for the January 2010 Halifax Older & Reckless)

Astrid Harrison (Helpless solo with live music by Rosedale Heights student, Claudia Moore, choreographer)

 Outside eyes: Claudia Moore and Danny Grossman


March 12-14, 2010 @ Dancemakers

Old Men Dancing, [Peterborough] (How to Wrestle an Angel, Marie-Josée Chartier, choreographer)

Maxine Heppner (Blossom) live music, Andrew Timar/Araz Salek

Karen Kaeja and daughter Mika (no doubt behind us)

Julia Sasso (Simple Lines of Inquiry – First Study)

Sylvie Bouchard & Viv Moore (Colour on White, Sashar Zarif, choreographer)

Outside eye: Kate Alton

Dance for non-dancers workshop: Brazilian Dance with Newton Moraes

OLDER & RECKLESS #18: 10th anniversary

December 11-13, 2009 @ Dancemakers

Danielle Baskerville (The High Heart, Patricia Beatty, choreographer)

Tom Brouillette (Bellows, inspired by Robert Desrosier’s The Fool’s Tale)

Denise Fujiwara (Lost and Found)

Laurence Lemieux & Mark Shaub [Montreal], (E.M.F., 1999, Jean-Pierre Perreault, choreographer)

Reckless Artists in Training: Michael Caldwell, Erin Cowan, Amelia Ehrhardt, Diana Groenendijk, Molly Johnson, Emily Law, Whitney Mah, David Houle, Hannah Shira Naiman & Sahara Morimoto in 1-minute solos, created with and staged by Kristy Kennedy

Outside eye: Julia Sasso

Dance for non-dancers workshop: Nia workshop with Martha Randall


March 5-7, 2009 @ Dancemakers

Odette Heyn-Penner [Winnipeg] (Farewell and Red with Grace, Stephanie Ballard [Winnipeg], choreographer)

Martha Randall (…and everything in between, Sylvie Bouchard, choreographer)

Karen Kaeja and daughter Mika (no doubt behind us)

Terrill Maguire (Pond Life, with Ann Southam performing her composition live for the first and only time in her illustrious career)

Outside eye: Kenny Pearl

Dance for non-dancers workshop: Salsa workshop with Miko Sobreira 



December 4-6, 2008 @ Dancemakers

Deborah Dunn [Montreal] (East Coker, based on Four Quartets by T.S. Elliot)

Lina Cruz [Montreal] (A Bit of a Piece)

William Yong (Stream, Michelle Silagy, choreographer)

Tom Brouillette & Jennifer Lyn Dick (Between Us, Claudia Moore, choreographer)

Outside eye: Julia Sasso

Dance for non-dancers workshop: Nia workshop with Martha Randall


February 28, 29 & March 1, 2008 @ Dancemakers 

Douglas Dunn [New York] (Tithonus, excerpt)

Bill James [Peterborough] (Untitled Solo)

Keiko Kitano (On the Wings/Surrender) composition and live music, Aki Takahashi; visual media and soundscape, Rick Thomson

Marie-Josée Chartier (A Simple Statement for This Mosaic, Dan Wild, choreographer, conceived in collaboration with Marie-Josée Chartier)

Outside eye: Terrill Maguire

First Dance for non-dancers workshop: Body Wisdom with Tom Brouillette


December 5-7, 2007 @ Dancemakers

Claudia Moore (Untitled solo, Tedd Robinson [Ottawa], choreographer)

Bill Coleman/John Oswald/and friends (Happy)

Troy Emery Twigg [Kainai Nation - Southern Alberta] & Terrill Maguire (Pulse, Heartbeat of the Natural World)

Ashley Sanderson (the rain outside my window turns to snow and i can’t hear it anymore, Karen Kaeja, choreographer)

Tom Brouillette (Air and Father Death Blues)

Outside eye: Katherine Duncanson


March 9 & 10, 2007 @ Dancemakers

Rachel Browne & Odette Heyn-Penner [Winnipeg] (flowering, Rachel Browne, choreographer)

Odette Heyn-Penner & Brent Lott [Winnipeg] (glance, Brent Lott, choreographer)

Julia Sasso (accidental dances) music, Ann Southam

Outside eye: Katherine Duncanson


December 13 & 14, 2006

Joanna DaSouza (Arrhythmia, Denise Fujiwara, choreographer)

Gerry Trentham (Four Mad Humours)

Carol Anderson, Susan Cash, Holly Small & Terrill Maguire (Anar, Sashar Zarif, choreographer)

Claudia Moore (in new solo by Tedd Robinson)


May 13 & 14, 2005 @ Dancemakers

Karen Kaeja (Untitled work in progress)

Grindl Kuchirka (Untitled work in progress)

Jennifer Lynn Dick, Claudia Moore, Martha Randall, Miko Sobreira, William Webster (The Shakespeare Project, Claudia Moore, choreographer; Patti Powell, director and text construction)

Rina Singha (Sarhad)



November 12 & 13, 2004 @ Dancemakers
Karen Jamieson (Vancouver BC) - Crow Goes Solo
Elizabeth Langley (Montreal QC) - It is if it is
Trish Armstrong - Between the Edge and Nothing at All performer DeeDee MacArthur
Claudia Moore in collaboration with Patti Powell - Lady Macbeth solo: excerpt of This Castle



April 23 & 24, 2004 @ Dancemakers
DA Hoskins with poet Jill Batson
Janice Pomer with musician Barry Prophet
Terrill Maguire
Claudia Moore



November 7 & 8, 2003 @ Dancemakers
Miko Sobreira - What if... performers Hana Watanabe & Miko Sobreira
Learie McNicolls - island performers Jen Hum, learie Mc Nicolls, Miko Sobreira, Hana Watanabe
Lin Snelling - ...four chairs and... performers Tanya Crowder & Regina Radisic
Claudia Moore & Tedd Robinson - Small Midnight (excerpts) performers Bonnie Kim & Miko Sobreira, Fiona Drinnan & Claudia Moore



June 17 & 18, 2003 @ The Theatre Centre
Motaz Kabbani - Ritual #5 performer Karen Duplisea
Marie-Josée Chartier - Sous Nos Yeux (in memory of Michael Baker)
Claudia Moore - By Night (excerpt) performer Martha Randall
Carol Anderson - FrEdEric and the Wolf 



November 22 & 23, 2002 @ Dancemakers
Maxine Heppner - Gong performers Maxine Heppner & Susan Lee
Claudia Moore- No Measure [Inertia commission] performers Tanya Crowder, Lyndsy Deshima, Regina Radisic, Heather Roy
Viv Moore - LIL
Michelle Silagy - Watermark: visible when held against light performer Meagan Andrews



June 28 & 29, 2002 @ The Theatre Centre
Mitch Kirsch - The Rhythm Method
Terrill Maguire/Helen Jones - Grove
Claudia Moore - On Earth (excerpt) performer Lin Snelling
Vivine Scarlett - Patterns performers Ingrid Abbott, Saida Baba Talibah, Sharon Harvey, Ma'at Zachary
Menaka Thakkar - Hardcore performers Natasha Bakht & Nova Bhattacharya



November 30, 2001 @ Dancemakers
Peter Bingham - Heaven Can Wait...we're busy right now performers Allen & Karen Kaeja 
Sylvie Bouchard - le cadeau performer Meagan Andrews
Claudia Moore - On Earth (excerpt) performer Fiona Drinnan
Gerry Trentham - Experiment #1 (Excerpt from Chapter 2- The Street from Autobiography) with musician Greg Reish



June 16, 2001 @ Dancemakers

Danny Grossman

Holly Small

Maxine Heppner

Grindl Kuchirka with Oliver Schroer

Viv Moore (duet with her mom, age 78)



November 2000 @ Dancemakers

Tedd Robinson (Debussy duet for Fiona & Claudia)

Trish Armstrong

Elizabeth Chitty

Tom Brouillette (Allen Ginsberg's Father Death Blues)



June 24, 2000 @ Dancemakers

Robert Desrosiers

Claudia Moore (rite of spring)

Carol Anderson

Jan Komarek (duet for Melina & Claudia)

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