Getting to know Older & Reckless artist DARRYL TRACY

Darryl Tracy is well-loved in the Toronto dance community. A senior faculty member at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Darryl has trained and inspired many a young dance light. A dynamic performer, he joined forces with Heidi Strauss under Four Chambers dance projects from 1999-2006, commissioning duets from renowned Canadian creators. Tracy has been nominated top dancer in Toronto by NOW magazine, and for the K.M. Hunter Award. At O&R#40, Darryl and Ric Brown, now in their 50’s, will perform In Two Days a Man Can Change by Lesandra Dodson. “Her duet for dancers Darryl Tracy and Ric Brown radiates her delicious and droll take on the foibles of humankind.” – Paula Citron, Globe & Mail

Getting to know Older & Reckless artist Heidi Latsky

HEIDI LATSKY is a force of nature. Originally from Montreal, Heidi was a celebrated principal dancer for NY’s renowned Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (1987-1993). Her experience there profoundly influenced her style and her philosophy of dance as she developed a reputation in her own right as a choreographer for stage, theatre, and film. Currently, Heidi has received international acclaim for her ON DISPLAY project- it turns a cast of diverse and extreme bodies into a sculpture court where the performers are the art. ON DISPLAY is now a social movement- a growing portfolio of works that explore and demonstrate inclusion through art. “It is deeply meaningful for me to perform in Toron

Older & Reckless #40

Older & Reckless #40 in association with Harbourfront Centre celebrates age on stage featuring special guest Evelyn Hart in a new work by Matjash Mrozewski, dynamic duo Ric Brown and Darryl Tracy in a duet by Lesandra Dodson (New Brunswick), dance force Heidi Latsky (NYC), O&R favourites Daniel Firth and Jane Mappin (Montreal), the masterful Sashar Zarif AND Peter Chin’s community project, Tell Everyone, with a cast of 25 amateurs and 5 seasoned dance lights including Susie Burpee and Bonnie Kim November 10 & 11 3 shows only at Harbourfront Centre Theatre Join us for O&R#40 - a dance event with moving treats for all! Book Your Tickets to see Older & Reckless #40 An upcoming performance

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