Cloud 9 - A Toronto Star Top Ticket

CLOUD 9 - celebrates AGE ON STAGE: be inspired, be engaged and be transported! Final 3 performances May 18 & 19 @ 8pm and May 20 @ 2pm TORONTO STAR TOP TICKET! Read about it here! Robert Regala, Karen Kaeja, Larry Hahn and Claudia Moore in DA Hoskins' Bird Nesting in Fingers in Bloom, Photo by John Lauener. Exciting additions for our last 3 performances CLOUD 9 PRE-SHOW TALKS Thursday May 18, 7:15pm PEGGY BAKER talks about LARRY HAHN- it’s his birthday and there will be cake after the show! Friday May 19, 7:15pm CAROL ANDERSON talks about LOUISE BÉDARD- muse of the late Quebecois creator Jean Pierre Perreault Saturday May 20, 1:15pm BILL COLEMAN talks about ROBERT REGALA- former d

Opening Night!

OPENING NIGHT IS HERE! Cloud 9 is thrilled to offer 2 new works performed by dancers 45- 67...older & reckless, they rock on!. Come celebrate AGE ON STAGE with some of Canada’s finest! Did you know? About Cloud 9 musician/composer PHILIPPE NOIREAUT Philippe has been musical collaborator with Cloud 9 choreographer Lina Cruz for over 20 years. He also composes for cinema, theatre and dance and records jazz concerts and piano recitals for radio and television. Originally from France, his solo performances have been presented in Canada and in Europe. Philippe will accompany renowned Quebec singer-songwriter Gilles Vigneault, now 87 years of age, on his 2017 tour. Toronto audiences have been for

Cloud 9 Artist DA Hoskins

Bird Nesting in Fingers in Bloom- in only a week from today, Karen, Larry, Robert and I will premiere this new work by DA Hoskins. As we “nestle” into the theatre, robins are building their nest in the vines on my back porch! Beyond the madness of preparing and the excitement of sharing the work with you, I am moved to the core by the artistry and commitment of my Cloud 9 companions. Together, we acknowledge our gratitude for a lifetime of dancing and look forward to offering you the Cloud 9 creations next week! Did you know? About Cloud 9 Dancer DA Hoskins Here are some reflections from Cloud 9 creator DA Hoskins - beautiful testaments to the role of wise, supportive teachers in the making

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