Dazzling Debut At CDF, 2015/2016 Highlights & November O&R

Bravo! Older & Reckless made a dazzling debut at the Canada Dance Festival 2016 Festival Danse Canada. What a night! The sold out performance received a standing ovation from our wonderful audience. O&R performers Ron Stewart, Robert Desrosiers with Anne Bourne and Esmeralda Enrique with Tamar Ilana & Caroline Planté were breath-taking. It was thrilling to premiere Lina Cruz's Room #7 with my beautiful, brave fellow performers Louise Bédard, Karen Kaeja and Philippe Noireaut. Magical it was for the oldies to wrap this vibrant week of stunning work. Heartfelt thanks to Jeanne Holmes, Jason Dubois and everyone at Canada Dance Festival for a fabulous festival of coast to coast artistry! Room #7

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