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New Year’s Greetings!

2018 begins with a big chill -

let's keep dancing to stay warm!

Kicking off the new year we are thrilled to introduce two MOonhORsE heroes - Gary Tai and Michael Ward whose generous donation lifts us into 2018!

Gary was a remarkable dancer who proudly performed with Dancemakers under Serge Bennathan and in some of Moore’s early works before transitioning into a new career. He received his BFA at York University, became a certified CMA and is now working as a Manager at Linamar Corporation. Gary likes helping people succeed. As a Project Manager for large scale complex projects that cross departments, countries and personalities, Gary aims for collaboration and mutual success. He understands that nothing is done alone. Still keen for physical challenge, Gary completed his first marathon in 2014. It was thrilling to welcome Gary back to the stage for Danser Joe at Older & Reckless #39 in November 2016. In the early 90’s, Gary performed in the collaborative production of Joe (Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Toronto’s Dancemakers and Montreal’s Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault) created by renowned Quebec choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault…Canadian dance history!

A big thanks to Gary, Michael and every generous supporter who contributed to MOonhORsE in 2017. Like Gary says, “nothing is done alone”. You ALL move MOonhORsE!

Gary Tai prepares for Danser Joe at Older & Reckless #39

Photo by Tamara Romanchuk


Older & Reckless inspires Âgés et déjantés, at MAI Theatre in Montreal January 19 & 20! Artistic Director Michael Toppings says “MAI’s four year focus on the older artist draws inspiration from Older & Reckless, an acclaimed dance series of mature dance produced by Toronto’s MOonhORsE Dance Theatre. Âgés et déjantés (translation: Aged and crazy…yes!) featuring artists 55 years old and older of cultural and racial diversity, advocates for an increased awareness of the challenges faced by older artists.” Claudia will attend the opening and is thrilled that O&R has inspired fellow artists in Montreal. Click here for more info and tickets


February 1, 2 & 3 come see Claudia one of 22 Xtraordinary dance artists in the Solo Dance Xchange A serendipitous exchange of dance making, where one dancer’s solo becomes another’s inspiration to create and perform Click here for info and tickets Use promo code SDXartist for $22 tickets!

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