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Movement Culture Workshop

Charles will share his artistic methodologies in movement, creative and performance research. The objective of the workshop is to facilitate communal space, promote health and an appreciation of art, performance, culture and politics. Movement Culture Workshop is a return to yielding the body to curiosity. Open to artists of all disciplines, this workshop is both physically and creatively rigorous. To register please complete the form at:

“I had the pleasure of working with Charles during the creation process for Apocalypsis by R Murray Schafer, presented by Luminato last year. Charles works as assistant to MAU’s Lemi Ponifasio who directed Apocalypsis, and led daily trainings for the ensemble of “elders”. His work was intense! I was challenged as a performing artist to test my limitations. If you are keen to dig into artistic processes and collaborative practices, I highly recommend participating in the MOVEMENT CULTURE WORKSHOP.” - Claudia

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