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June Classes

MDT Engaging Seniors in Dance – JUNE ZOOM classes!

The lilacs bloom and we will continue to dance! The next session is June 2 – 25 and you are invited! Big thanks to our lovely leaders in movement Carol Anderson, Julia Aplin and Michelle Silagy who join me every week in dynamic Zoom classes for movers age 55+.

For those who wish to join in – there is a TUESDAY group and a THURSDAY group.

Tuesday June 2, 9, 16 and 23 from 11am - 12pm

Thursday June 4, 11, 18 and 25 from 11am - 12pm

Please note - the June session is open to ALL movers who have already danced with us September 2019- May 2020. We cannot accommodate others at this time, so please do not share this link. Thanks!


Thanks to our wonderful participants for their commitment and feedback:

Heres what some of our wonderful participants have to say:

I so enjoyed your Engaging Seniors in Dance class today, Julia. I felt livened up considerably and also more connected with a community of others who love to move in fun and playful ways in their living rooms unafraid of being watched.

A really great experience, Carol! Gyrokinesis is new to me. Slow gentle movement but a real workout for the arms and great stretching. Loved it!

Claudia, I loved the ‘watery’ class today. Thank you! Your comment at the end, about riding the waves through the tough times, struck a chord with me.

Michelle- this morning was lovely. I had been having a bit of a down morning, and it really lifted my spirits- thank you for the fabulous positive energy and encouragement!

Here are more online options to enhance your health and well-being

Senior dance artist Terrill Maguire recommends

Andre Talbot and Catalina Moraga, Co-Founders & Directors of Movement & Mindfulness programming at Spirit Loft are generous and gifted. Every person who teaches there is excellent, and there is a good variety of classes.”

A passionate teacher who loves to share in the creative possibilities that movement provides for expression, discovery and self-healing. Claudia loves Martha’s classes!

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