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Hello February

January had bright moments, including a spectacular Wolf Moon, and these projects that I was so happy to be part of- they show the creativity and resilience of artists in response to our unprecedented reality.

On January 20, Inauguration Day for our American friends, music artist Annabelle Chvostek released “Walls”, her new video- the pace, the movement, the sense of longing we hold in these pandemic days is compelling, but it is her moving song and rich voice that truly make it soar. I was elated to work on Annabelle’s project- with choreographer Denise Fujiwara, fellow performers Bryn Jennings, Jen Hum, Michael Mortley, Atri Nandy, Lucie Rupert, Brodie Stevenson, Gerry Trentham and filmmaker Carlos Coronado. Enjoy!

On January 27, we learned Noppera-bō 野箆坊 the exquisite dance film by William Yong and Denise Fujiwara, commissioned for OLDER & RECKLESS: 20 Years of Age on Stage, was awarded the winner of 'Award of Excellence' at Los Angeles' One-Reeler Short Film Competition. Bravo and congrats to William, Denise and their incredible team- it was an honour to feature your work in the 20th O&R anniversary!

On January 30, I was excited to participate in The Collective Body (TCB) - an audio/video project that captures a moment in history with inspiring artists from across North America. Created by Aleksandra Dulic and Miles Thorogood- Media & Sound Artists, Lin Snelling- Artistic Consultant & Performing Artist, Andrew Stauffer- Sound Artist and Neil Cadger- Artistic Direction & Performing Artist, The Collective Body project explores the constraints and unique possibilities of digital connection while reminding us of the deep importance and irreplaceability of shared physical space.

Read more about the TCB here


Hurray for January Bright Dances! We boogied through the month- learning dances with Julia Aplin and Natasha Powell. The stellar seniors dressed up for the final sessions and rocked the house with their moves. Now its Warm Heart Dances for February! Here’s a taste of the fun-

We cannot thank you enough for your generous support to MOonhORsE. Dance continues to help us through the challenges of this pandemic winter.

Stay well and wear your mask – spring is not too far away!



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